DER GANG AUFS LAND (les mamelles de la vérité)
[the march to the countryside (les mamelles de la vérité)]

Video SD with sound, 27'30''

2010 one channel projection / edition 5 + 2
2011 installation / edition 1


"At the end of the 19th century, on Monte Verita, overhanging Lago Maggiore on the Swiss side: united in a spirit of utopia, people from different backgrounds settled and established a community in search of a new way of life which would set them free from the constraints of our civilization. In 2009, an exhibition curated by Harald Szeeman 30 years before has just closed its doors. Andreas M. Fohr returned to the place to listen to these abandoned places, to the landscape, to the hushed voices of yesterday and today." (NF)


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